Frequently Asked Questions

Many woman choose to have semi permanent brows to simply save time from their morning make up routine as they have busy lives, others want to have constantly defined ¬†well kept brows while traveling or at the gym, for other woman it is because they have bald patches, suffered hair loss or don’t have symmetry. Semi permanent make up is carried out for many different reasons but in all cases it really does boost people’s confidence and leave them permanently perfect. Who wouldn’t want to wake up with your brows on point?

This can vary from person to person as many factors can impact this. For example not following after care advise, using sunbeds and certain skin care. We will give you after Care advise to make sure you are armed with information to get the most out of your new brows.

Your appointment will be around 1.5 – 2 hours as we have the consultation process where we will decide on the colour and style of brows to suit your skin tone and shape of face. This will be followed by the actual tattooing procedure, and finally we will discuss aftercare and get you booked in for your top up appointment.

This is difficult to answer as everyone’s pain threshold is different, however I will say that we use numbing cream prior to treatment and a numbing lotion during treatment to make it as comfortable as possible.

Semi permanent make up is not suitable for anyone pregnant or breast feeding. During consultation we will discuss your medical history as some skin conditions may affect your suitability.

Surface healing can take between 7-10 days however it takes a minimum of 28 days to see the final result of your semi-permanent make up.

Make up can be used around the area but not directly on it until your eye brows have healed. The colour will appear darker for the first few days then will fade and settle into the skin to give the desired result.

No! We use semi permanent make up to enhance the existing brows, we may remove untidy stray hairs but this is just to tidy up your brow to achieve a groomed brow at the end.

Not always. If you are sure about having the procedure done then we can go ahead and book an appointment. However if you have any questions or are unsure then please do call for a free no obligation consultation.