Brow Boutique Glasgow

There is nothing more important to us than our clients.  Each Brow is individually tailored to each person. From shape to colour to technique it is all discussed together and drawn on to make sure you are happy before we start. We take as much time as it needs to give you options and show you different designs so that you can feel 100% confident before we start the tattooing procedure.

Here at Brōw Boutique Glasgow we only use the finest brands to ensure the best quality every time. All our equipment is from golden eye and pigments are all LI and NU, only sold to professionals. I trained at the most recognised and respected clinic in the U.K.

Why choose us?


You can rest assured we are fully insured for all treatments that we offer.


We hold all the licenses required from our local council and have also been vetted by environmental health.


Trained by the top U.K. semi permanent training academy we attained full certifications in micropogmentation as well as first aid and blood borne pathogens.


During the consultation process we will start off by discussing your medical history and get all the consent forms signed and paper work done, once you are happy with this we will move onto discussing your desired outcome. During this time we will look at your skin tone, eye colour and hair tone to find the right pigment that is best matched to you. We will discuss shape and style of what brows will best suit your face shape. Numbing cream will be applied prior to these discussions so that it has taken full effect for start of the procedure.

The procedure will include measuring and drawing on the marks for your new permanent brows. We will work together step by step to show you the shape size and style of your brows. We will take pictures of the markings on the brows and take your before picture. Then we can start the tattooing itself. During this time we will be applying numbing lotion to keep you as comfortable as possible. Once we have finished tattooing we will discuss aftercare procedures for you to follow to ensure your brows heal safely and effectively.

4-6 weeks later you will come back for a “top-up” session. This will involve tattooing over the pigment again to even it out and strengthen pigment. This is an essential part of semi-permanent make up as it allows us to see how the pigment has settled into the skin and make any adjustments or colour changes if needed.